Exploit upside potential of discovered, undeveloped international O&G fields

Greenfields Petroleum seeks to capture and exploit previously discovered but undeveloped international oil and gas fields, also known as "greenfields". Characterized by existing proven hydrocarbons which require further delineation or infrastructure (as opposed to wildcat exploration), greenfields have current production or near-term production opportunities, and frequently contain significant potential exploration upside.

With strong existing Reserves for its operations, Greenfields Petroleum has identified over 900 greenfields worldwide, including areas where its management team has past operating experience and local relationships. Such opportunities are already being exploited in our operations in Azerbaijan’s Bahar Gas Field and Gum Deniz Oil Field.

Focusing outside of North America, seeking highest value returns

Although there are small and medium-size independent operators working outside the United States, many remain focused on traditional methods of building wealth via the higher risk exploration portion of the exploration and production process. We believe that many international greenfields opportunities provide significantly lower risk profiles than traditional exploration programs, and that greenfields frequently offer the upside of size and scale.

Due to the overwhelming competition for hydrocarbons and the significant infrastructure found in Canada and the United States, the Greenfields Petroleum believes that North American greenfields are scarce and over-priced when compared to international greenfields opportunities.

By focusing on countries where we have an appreciation of how diverse political and business environments work, we plan to manage perceived risks in a way that allows for building significant value The Greenfields Petroleum management team has a proven track record with well known energy companies and plan to use their expertise to quickly capture, develop and manage an identified portfolio of target greenfields.


Seeking higher value generation in the development phase

Greenfields Petroleum’s strategy is to go after the higher value generation it sees in the delineation and development phase of the exploration and production process. When a field reaches the mature development phase and new value growth tends to plateau during the production phase, we will consider selling our interest in that field.

However, such a field might be retained if the initial development work determines that the location or character of the field has an upside for additional exploitation and/or exploration efforts. Our management believes that exploration upside can be acquired along with the acquisition of a greenfield with little or no cost, but that exploration component can add significantly to the overall project value.

Central to Greenfields Petroleum's business plan is the belief that while both the delineation and field development phase and the exploration phase of the upstream oil and gas business can both create new value, the delineation and field development phase generally has a much lower investment risk profile. The Greenfields Petroleum plans to focus its efforts on that phase of the process where it has the opportunity to create significant shareholder value with lower below ground risk than is usually the case in the traditional exploration approach.

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